Welcome To Blogging Mart. My name is Tanweer and in today’s article I’d love to cover keyword research for beginners Keyword tools and keyword research for beginners and SEO tutorial for 2020.

Let’s just dive right into it. What I will do is I will go through a step-by-step guide To keyword research for maybe a newer site And I’ll do a step-by-step presentation first and then what I’ll do is I’ll go through a walk through of exactly how to perform those steps.

Okay So, before we start what is keyword research? Keyword research is a core SEO task that involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines Researching keywords gives marketers a better understanding of how high the demand is for certain keywords And how hard it is to compete for those terms in the organic search Keyword research is the first and most important thing to any SEO campaign So before beginning keyword research.

There are tons of different types of intent words, okay? Different levels to the sales funnel, you know, there’s how to’s there’s buyer intent. There are numerous levels, okay to keyword research and where somebody a Person will enter your sales funnel.

So it’s important to address all areas of keyword research So in other words do not! And I repeat do not only focus on buyer intent keywords because you will Be leaving a lot of web traffic on the table.

Okay, and you most certainly do not want to do that. All right, so my keyword research concept is this Generate as much website traffic as possible.

Okay find what is working and do it better and This keyword research tutorial for beginners will teach you just that? So you can use any keyword research tool or tools that you would like There are tons of ways to gather keywords but in this guide Only because it’s free and anyone can access it We will use, only for this tutorial again.

Google Planner is a good tool also. There’s tons of options there’s tons of ways to do this.

This is only one tutorial to help you along in your keyword research process So let’s get right into the keyword research tutorial for beginners 2020. Okay, so step one First we need a seed topic or a niche keyword.

Okay, So today we will use “best vacuum cleaner 2020” as a keyword example. that will be our seed Topic or seed keyword for our keyword research so that’s step one What’s our site about what’s it gonna be? So it’s gonna be best vacuum cleaner 2020 that’s what our seed keyword is going to be and we will build around that vacuum cleaners, okay So step two take a look on Google look at the search results.

So you’ll want to find the five top ranking websites for your seed keyword topic, okay So, note This is important if you see sites, okay, for example huge mega sites like Amazon or Ebay or Best Buy Then you need to find a new seed topic keyword Okay.

Let’s move on this step number three for our keyword research guide So step number three go to your favorite keyword research tool Okay, and the first five sites that are ranking for your keyword. You made a list.

You have the five sites that came up for your keyword best vacuum cleaner 2020 What comes up you’ll get the five best sites as long as they’re not mega sites and you’re gonna put them into your favorite keyword research tool Extracting all keywords from that site organic keywords that they’re ranking for Okay.

All of them every single one So you’re gonna route in and I did that as step number four Repeat step three for each of the five sites ranking for your target Topic. Okay.

You want to gather each and every ranking keyword from the top five websites? So that’s step four Step five gather all of the keywords from the five sites.

There should be hundreds or more now remove duplicates to remove the duplicate words Okay, you can either use scrapebox or a free tool to remove duplicate keywords from your now massive list of keywords from your seed topic.

Okay, Now for my tutorial what I will use is a website called word character / remove – duplicate – words Okay! Step six, we want to put our words our keywords into an excel spreadsheet so from those five sites, you want to take all of that list and Put it into a spreadsheet.

Step seven in this SEO keyword research tutorial for beginners 2019. Separate words by volume and difficulty but that goes into my next post

, which is keyword competitive analysis. So you’re taking all of the keywords you’re putting them into a spreadsheet Now there’s another step – a keyword research and it’s called competitive analysis .

But that’s a whole another post which will be next in my series So for keyword research, we will filter only by search volume any of the details that it gives you you’re gonna filter by volume.

Okay, step 8 Because this is more of a beginner’s guide. I will assume that you have a newer site. Okay, I’m sure you probably do right so we are looking for three groups of keywords to add to our spreadsheet and What I mean by three groups of keywords is you’re looking because it’s newer site.

You’re looking for organic volume of at least 1,000 searches per month 500 searches per month and 100 monthly searches.

Number 10 add to your spreadsheet leaving search volume and difficulty Recommended by the tool that you are using So whether you’re using Moz or ubersuggest eh reps, whatever the case may be But for this tutorial we’re using ubersuggest because everyone has access to it I want to help as many people as I possibly can.

Okay next post Will be on how to do a deep competitive analysis with your list keywords Okay, this is how you do keyword research. This is how you gather as Many keywords from winning sites that you possibly can.

It’s a long but very important process So now what I would like to do is I’m gonna give you a demo of Exactly the tutorial that you and I just went through, okay so what the very first thing or step number one will be go right to the serf and What you want to do is put in your based keyword your topic keyword which in in this particular tutorial was cleaners for 2020 You will then want to take the five top Rankers for those particular keywords.

I took the top leading five for our base keywords I’ve already went ahead and did it just to cut down on this keyword research tutorial time frame to make it easier to follow along.

You’ll then want to head over to your favorite keyword tool whatever keyword tool that may be and we’re going to put in our website. To take all of the organic keywords that they’re ranking for because we want already winning topics weighing keywords And we want to use that to our benefit So for this demonstration, we are using Ubersuggest but there’s a ton of tools out there to help you with this process so it’ll take our Ranker here, We’ll go ahead and put it into our keyword tool.

For this particular tool we’ll go to the You’ll put it in and then you’ll go into the top pages and you’ll find the top page for the Vacuum cleaners.

This is how we’re going to get all of the keywords all for the Best vacuum cleaners of the year now we’ll want to export this whole list of keywords to a spreadsheet but remember we’re putting each of the five sites into the tool and exporting all the keywords, but for this demonstration We’re just going to do the one for time.

Okay, so we’ll export all of these keywords from this winning page. To our spreadsheet. Now You would have all of your five sites all of these keywords that they’re already winning .

They’re already ranking for we know that they’re bringing traffic. We went to the top ranking website for this category This niche ,this keyword We have pulled from all five sites all of their organic keywords The next step would be to go and take all five of the lists together And then remove the duplicate keywords Since this demonstration,

we’re only doing one to save on time We could just get right in here and start working So now that we’re looking at the best vacuum cleaners 2020. You would go into here and you would separate strictly by search volume and SEO difficulty depending on your Tool ok So we’d get rid of the CPC. Get rid of the difficulty.

Get rid of their position. So we have our search volume There organic visits this is their organic search volume. So that’s what we want estimated visits this is just an estimate this will be from and then also their difficulty.

So let’s spread this out to make this a little bigger so we can see it Let’s see if we can get this just a little bit bigger for the screen guys Ok, there we go. Now as you remember, we are removing Only we want a thousand five hundred and a hundred So we would start we would probably I know this is 1600 The difficulties is SEO score 47.

Depending on your site and your level from all five lists, we would go from here, but I would probably take from here So now from all five list’s, now you have your topics Okay You would have all five of your lists in this spreadsheet Every single all the duplicates these are all page or post ideas.

Okay, so then. This is how you would have done your keyword research you now have your list. This would be a list with your organic search volume with your SEO difficulty score.

Alright! Now the next step would be to perform your competitive analysis to see to pull twenty Keyword ideas of exactly what you would want to make your pages about to rank for and also pull out subcategories of those ideas to build into your silos and to build in your pages But that is competitive analysis as far as this tutorial.

This has been a walk through a demo of how you would perform your keyword research to find the best keywords for Your niche so you can have more success with your SEO campaigns in 2020.

I hope that this has brought you value! I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and I cannot wait to see you in the next post Thank you very much.

Have a wonderful day. Hope you enjoyed this Keyword Research Tutorial For Beginners.

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